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What is Fioricet?

  • Fioricet is a medication, also known as a butalbital combination drug.
  • Butalbital does not come as a single-agent drug but is included with other components in the prescription drug Fioricet. Butalbital is a barbiturate sedative.
  • Fioricet includes acetaminophen and caffeine along with butalbital. Codeine, an opioid drug, is added in some forms of this drug.
  • People who experience tension headaches that do not respond to OTC drugs can find relief with combination medications, including butalbital, such as Fioricet. You may order Fioricet online, as it is an effective painkiller.
  • Butalbital combination medicines are potent pain relievers often used to treat tension headaches but usually not for migraines. The drug's use in people with these headaches is not uncommon, but it also comes with some cautions.

What is the mechanism of action of Fioricet?

Fioricet relaxes the muscle tension believed to be linked to tension headaches. It also slows down your CNS or central nervous system by affecting a specific chemical messenger or neurotransmitter that activates your pain impulses.

How should you take Fioricet?

You can take Fioricet with or without food. It would help if you took Fioricet with milk or food to prevent stomach irritation. You can now buy Fioricet online from our online pharmacy store, as it is the most preferred pharmacy site in your country. We also ensure guaranteed overnight delivery of your medicines.

Please do not take this drug for more than three days in a month. Over-use of this medicine can also lead to a medication-overuse headache that happens if analgesic drugs are used too frequently to alleviate pain from a headache.

If you use Fioricet often or become addicted to it, consult the doctor about slowly withdrawing this medicine, as sudden withdrawal may cause a withdrawal syndrome.

What is the suggested dosage of Fioricet?

This drug is available in capsule or tablet form. It contains – 50 mg butalbital, 40 mg caffeine, and 300 mg acetaminophen.

You may take one or two tablets or capsules of Fioricet every four hours as required. The total daily drug dosage is limited to six capsules. Its use must be limited to twice per week.

The liquid Fioricet dosage (oral solution with 325 mg acetaminophen, 50 mg butalbital, and caffeine 40 mg per 15 mL) –

  • For adults – 15 mL to 30 mL every four hours as needed
  • Do not exceed 90 mL in 24 hours.
  • For children and adolescents above 12 years: 15 mL to 20 mL after every four hours as required. Do not exceed 90 mL in 24 hours.

The maximum dosage of Fioricet is as follows –

  • For adults – Acetaminophen 4 grams per day, caffeine 240 mg per day, or butalbital 325 mg per day.
  • For children above 12 years – Acetaminophen 2 grams per day, caffeine 200 mg per day, or butalbital 300 mg per day.
  • Less than 12 years – Safety has not been established.

What shouldn't you do while using Fioricet?

One must not drive or operate machinery while using Fioricet as it may cause sedation and impact your ability to operate heavy machinery or drive.

Also, do not drink more than two alcoholic drinks a day if you're a man and one alcoholic beverage a day if you are a woman while using Fioricet. Avoid having recreational or illegal drugs while using Fioricet since these drugs can enhance the hepatotoxic effect of acetaminophen.

What side effects can Fioricet cause?

 The following aftereffects have been reported in users taking drugs containing butalbital –

  • Confusion, drowsiness, depression, and lightheadedness
  • Stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting

More severe side effects can occur and could be signs of severe complications or an allergy.

See your doctor immediately if you have any of the following –

  • Itching
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Rash

However, you can buy Fioricet online from our site to avoid the occurrence of these effects.

The drugs interactions of Fioricet –

Consult the pharmacist or doctor before using Fioricet if you are already on any other medicine or using any natural product since Fioricet can interact with a large number of drugs. You may order Fioricet online to manage your pain and use it as instructed, keeping in mind the above-mentioned points.

Drugs that interact with Fioricet may reduce its effect, increase side effects, impact the duration it works for, or have a lesser effect when consumed with Fioricet. MAO inhibitors may increase the effects of butalbital on the CNS.

Caffeine, acetaminophen, and butalbital can enhance the effects of alcohol, general anesthetics, other narcotic analgesics, other CNS depressants, or sedative-hypnotics leading to an increase in CNS depression.