What causes lower back pain in females?


What is lower back pain?

Lower back pain is referred to as discomfort or pain felt in the lower back, which is the area above the hips and below the ribs. It might be acute (sudden onset & short-lived) or chronic (long-lasting), and it may range in intensity from a dull ache to a sharp pain.

Causes of lower back pain in females

Female lower back pain may result from a wide range of factors, including:

muscle strain

Ligament or muscle strain

It is one of the most common reasons for lower back pain in females. It frequently occurs as a result of lifting heavy materials, quick motions, or overuse of a muscle.

Menstrual cramps

In females, lower back pain frequently results from menstrual cramps. The pain might be caused by the uterus contracting, which may put pressure on the lower back of women. During menstruation, the body releases a hormone known as prostaglandin. The uterus contracts because of prostaglandin, but it may also impact the intestines or other parts of the body.

When prostaglandin impacts the intestines, it may cause diarrhea and cramping, which may also contribute to back pain. The severity of the pain may differ from woman to woman, and not all women face lower back pain with menstrual cramps. If you face back pain during menstruation, you must contact your healthcare provider for proper treatment.

Ovarian cysts

Ovarian cysts are sacs filled with fluid that develop on the ovaries. They might cause lower back pain if they become ruptured or large. Large ovarian cysts might irritate nearby nerves, which may cause pain to radiate from the lower back down into the buttocks or legs. Ovarian cysts occasionally rupture or burst, which might result in sharp, excruciating pain in the pelvis or lower back.


Back pain is common for pregnant women. For most females, back pain occurs between the 5th and 7th months of pregnancy, but it may start much earlier. If you already suffer from lower back issues, your chances of experiencing back discomfort during pregnancy increase.

The growing uterus might put pressure on the lower back area, and the hormones released during pregnancy might loosen joints and ligaments, leading to pain and instability.

UTIs (urinary tract infections)

Lower back pain might result from UTIs, especially if the infection progresses to the kidneys. Bacteria may enter the urinary tract and ascend to the kidneys, where they might result in an infection known as pyelonephritis. The inflammation and infection caused by the UTI might irritate the nerves in the area, causing discomfort and pain in the lower back area.

The pain might be acute or mild and can be accompanied by other symptoms, including nausea, fever, and a persistent urge to urinate. Additionally, when the body tries to fight off the infection, the muscles in the lower back can also get strained. It may lead to muscle tension and ache in the lower back.

It's essential to seek urgent clinical attention if you face lower back pain along with UTI. The infection may spread to the kidneys if you don't treat this symptom.

Lumbar strain 

Lumbar strain is the most common reason for lower back pain. It primarily occurs in females who engage in physical activity, such as carrying heavy objects, that strains the lower back muscles. Lumber strains happen when the ligaments, tendons, or muscles in the lower back are torn or stretched.

It might occur from rapid movements, such as lifting a large object or twisting the back, or from overuse or repetitive actions. When the lower back's muscles or other soft tissues are injured, they may become inflamed and cause stiffness and discomfort. The lumbar strain is commonly felt in the lower back area, but it may also radiate into the legs and buttocks.

The pain can be dull or sharp, and it might be worsened by specific positions or movements, such as sitting or bending for a long duration.

Spinal issues

Women may have lower back pain due to spinal issues such as spinal stenosis, herniated discs, or degenerative disc disease.

Types of spinal issues

A few of the most common spinal issues that might lead to lower back pain include:

Bulging or herniated discs

The cushion-like structures that lie between the spine's vertebrae are called discs. A herniated or bulged disc may put pressure on the nearest nerves, causing discomfort or pain in the lower back.


Scoliosis is a disorder where the spine curves to one side, which may cause lower back discomfort, mainly if the curvature is acute.

Spinal stenosis

This causes the spinal canal to narrow, which could irritate the nerves and spinal cord. It may lead to lower back pain as well as discomfort that radiates down the legs.

Home remedies to treat lower back pain

You can try following home remedies if your pain is caused by muscle strain or your menstrual period.

A warm bath

Having a warm bath may help in reducing muscle stiffness and pain and improve circulation.

A heating pad

A heating pad relaxes your muscles and helps reduce lower back pain.


Staying active may improve your circulation and treat muscle tension. You may try a few physical activities during menstruation that may help to ease your discomfort.

Ice packs

If you suffer from back pain due to a muscle injury or strain, an ice pack can help with pain and lower inflammation.

Medications for treating lower back pain in Women


You may try opioids such as Vicodin and OxyContin. These drugs may help to treat your pain effectively. If you purchase any of these drugs, you must consult with your healthcare expert and take them under their supervision.

OTC painkillers

OTC painkillers such as naproxen, ibuprofen, and aspirin may help ease back pain and other pain associated with your menstruation.

Final takeaway

Lower back pain in females can be caused by numerous underlying factors and conditions. The treatment for lower back pain relies on the underlying causes. You can try the above-mentioned treatments if you suffer from lower back pain. You may take the help of medicines (as mentioned above) to treat your pain. 

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Essential precautions and warnings while using Fioricet

Fioricet may make you dizzy, drowsy, and lightheaded. You should avoid driving or operating heavy equipment until you know how the drug impacts you. Do not consume alcoholic beverages while using this drug. It may make you dizzier and drowsier. You should follow the instructions of your pharmacist while taking Fioricet.

It would be best if you did not stop taking Fioricet suddenly after long-term usage, as it may cause undesired withdrawal symptoms. You should consult your healthcare expert to know how to safely stop taking Fioricet. Keep this drug at room temperature, away from extreme humidity, sunlight, and moisture.

Do not store the Fioricet for a long period. A single dosage of this drug can cause death in people who take it accidentally. You can destroy or flush the unused medicine down the toilet. Do not take this drug if you have taken an MAO inhibitor in the previous 13-14 days.

Avoid taking Fioricet if you have an allergy to its component or if you have suddenly taken sedatives, alcohol, tranquilizers, or other opioids. To ensure this drug is safe for you, inform your healthcare expert if you've ever had:

  • Cirrhosis, liver, kidney disease, a history of drug or alcohol addiction
  • Bleeding or stomach ulcer
  • The painful experience of suicidal thoughts or mental illness, a skin rash caused by any drug

Fioricet is not a safe option for pregnant women. It may cause addiction in the newly born child. You should also avoid breastfeeding while using this drug.

If you follow these instructions, you can buy Fioricet online to get beneficial outcomes.

The proper way of using Fioricet

You should follow the instructions of your pharmacist while taking Fioricet. This drug can be addictive. Do not share this drug with another person, mainly someone with a painful past or drug addiction or abuse. Do not consume more quantity of this drug. An overdose may harm your liver or cause death.

You should measure the oral liquid drug with a marked measuring spoon, medicine cup, or oral syringe. If you remember these instructions, you can buy Fioricet online without worrying about adverse reactions.

Drug interactions

Inform your pharmacist if you take drugs that make you sleepy. A few examples are narcotic painkillers, allergy medicine, and alcohol. Other drugs can interact with the components of Fioricet, including OTC, prescription drugs, herbal, and vitamin products. If you buy Fioricet online, you must tell your pharmacist about all your recent medicines.

Fioricet dosage

Initially, 1 or 2 pills every 4 hours as required. The dosage should not exceed six pills. Your healthcare expert may change your dose according to your current health condition.

Possible side effects of Fioricet

Benefits and risks are associated with any medicine. Even if the drug is working, you can experience a few undesired adverse reactions. Inform your healthcare expert right away if you face any of the following:

Withdrawal: Restlessness, seizures, trouble sleeping, delusions, shakiness

Symptoms of overdose: Yellowing of your eyes or skin, restlessness, sweating, extreme drowsiness, vomiting, nausea

Severe skin reaction: Blisters, painful skin rash, skin peeling or itching

Severe allergic reaction: Swelling of the tongue, face, mouth, or throat, hives, trouble breathing

Common side effects

  • Stomach ache, drowsiness
  • Lightheadedness, dizziness
  • Trouble breathing, loss of awareness

Rare side effects

  • Shakiness in the arms, hands, legs, and feet
  • Muscle or joint pain, increased urination
  • Unusual bruising or bleeding

Other adverse reactions not mentioned may also happen in a few patients. You must be cautious after you buy Fioricet online.

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